Student-led fellowships: developing partnerships to identify best practice and promote change

Ruth Matheson, Nicola Poole


In 2011/2012 Cardiff Metropolitan University instigated a Student-Led Teaching Fellowship Scheme, which unlike other similar schemes sought to develop joint ownership between the University’s Learning and Teaching Development Unit (LTDU) and the Students’ Union (Cardiffmet SU), providing the opportunity for closer partnership working. Through establishing categories and criteria and developing an evidence-based nomination system the Fellowships have provided the opportunity to develop a shared understanding of both institutional drivers and pedagogic practice and have enabled a larger platform for the dissemination of best practice to both staff and students. In capturing the student voice it has been possible to recognise and evidence what students value and use this in a variety of ways to promote best practice. This case study seeks to demonstrate how the Student-led Teaching Fellowships have and can be used to instigate change within the institution together with identifying remaining challenges and opportunities for future development.


Partnerships; Student experience; Student voice; Change

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