Students4WebES Edited Project Report

Emma Procter-Legg, Ellen Lessner


Report on the Students for Webinar and Employability Skills (Students4webES) project run at Abingdon and Witney College between October 2012 and April 2013. The project was funded by the Jisc Advance FE and Skills Programme and aimed to develop employability skills for Level 3 FE students in relation to using video conferencing and webinars and assess whether this was a beneficial digital employability skill. Students were trained to use video conferencing and to run a webinar, with the aim of setting up and running between 7-15 short webinars with employers around the theme of ‘What does an employer want from an employee?” Additionally the project aimed to produce:

  1. A student centred guide to running a webinar
  2. Recordings of employer webinars (with full consent from employer) for use in future tutorials related to employability
  3. A student led conference, supported by the JISC RSC SE, on the theme of employability skills using video conferencing and webinars. 


Employability; student led; webinars; video conferencing

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