By Design. Engaging Graphic Design Students in Curriculum Development

Jeanne-Louise Moys, Joy Collier, Diane Joyce


To achieve this, we aimed to develop a new first-year module. As part of our continuing student collaboration process, we sought to take a partnership approach to the design of the module by inviting students to participate in a focus group to share their ideas about what a new module needed to cover and what forms of assessment they thought would be appropriate.  Their ideas were then either adopted and built into the new module from the outset or applied , as relevant to other modules within the curriculum.  The information shifted the emphasis and level of detail we built into the module planning.  It also provided helpful guidance to early career colleagues involved in developing learning resources and assessment tasks for the module.  The case study is being used to encourage colleagues across different disciplines to embed student engagement initiatives within the curriculum design process.


Student Engagement; Curriculum Design

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